Certified Cloud Architect

A Certified Cloud Architect has proven knowledge in the designing and implementation of Cloud Computing services. Therefore he/she is an expert in the technology and the basis architecture of Cloud Computing platforms.

He/she has a perfect understanding on Cloud-based IT solutions, and has deep "Cloud ready" knowledge of technologies, mechanisms, platforms, and practices used to develop such Cloud Computing solutions. A Cloud Architect knows how to design and deploy software solutions into Cloud Infrastructures. He/she advises project teams and customers on deciding on Cloud Computing operation models and relevant providers. They are able to make valid product cost estimation of Cloud-based systems.

Exam Details:

Number of questions: 50
Length of online exam: 60 minutes
Passing score: 75%
Pricing: 95,00 US$

The Cloud Architect exam covers:

  • The Conceptual Reference Model (NIST). 
  • Understanding of the Cloud Computing Service-Orchestration. 
  • Understanding of the major actors, activities and functions in Cloud Computing.
  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing architectural and operations frameworks.
  • Technology and architecture that underlies Cloud Computing Platforms.
  • The architectural migration path to adopt Cloud Computing Delivery Models.
  • The details of the virtualization architectures and technologies.

To achieve this certification, the exam must be completed with a passing grade of 75%. Those that pass the Cloud Architect exam will receive the corresponding industry recognized Certification.

Recommended experience working in an organization that uses Cloud Computing technology or Cloud-related IT services is at least 6 months.

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